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Once upon a time, we drove in our masses into congested town centres or for miles to shopping malls to [more]

We’re not always the rational creatures that classical economics makes us out to be. In 2008 Richard Thaler coined the term Nudge [more]

First off, I’d like to start by saying that we are not a design company but have individuals who have [more]

For some years innovative organisations and software houses have been striving to produce a neater, more contextualised web experience only [more]

Supposedly, humans are terribly lazy, easy to manipulate and creatures of habit. That’s great news if you can leverage these [more]

Since the web came of age in the early noughties really bright-spark and innovative companies such as Amazon, Google, Ebay [more]

We laugh now but in the mid 90’s, there was this crazy notion that if you put up a web-site, [more]

Image via Wikipedia China is seeing the rise of online “Gold Farming” This is the practice of hiring a group [more]

Due for restricted launch at the end of Summer, VITES 3.0 brings a whole new set of features for market-leading [more]

Early adopters of visitor journey management have very successfully applied it in a commercial context where organisations have a defined sales cycle and use the methodology to serve the most appropriate message, content and actions to visitors at given stages of the cycle. There are, however, some exciting ideas of how journey management can be used in less commercially-minded organisations or for internal processes... [more]
What is wrong with the "Flat Web Society"? Lots really. Everyone gets the same experience and that just doesn't make sense. When you have to write your copy and your site to a group called "everyone" you then have to compromise on your content, your navigation, your design and your aims for the site. The dynamic web understands better what the visitor wants and provides a vastly improved experience, an experience that is largely personalised to the visitor and one that better matches the needs of both the web-site owner and his or her visitor... [more]
Online journey management is the creation of a series of tailored steps that online visitors are able to go through incorporating a platform that is able to identify what stage the visitor is at and to deliver highly focused content that drives the visitor along his or her journey... [more]
The flat web world of "one-size fits all" is starting to look dated. Every visitor to a site has a discrete and often unique journey they have embarked on and this means that web owners need to provide a method of managing this journey online so the visitor sees the correct information at the appropriate time to support making the correct decision.... [more]