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I have been at Connected for over 16 months. Throughout this time I have heard the term Big.TOE mentioned several [more]

Back in 2005 Google acquired a great little analytics company, Urchin and shortly afterwards shook up the web analysis world [more]

Measuring how visitors come to your site and convert is a critical part of understanding the factors that drive success. [more]

Testing the efficacy of web-forms and landing pages is so ingrained in what we do that frequently we overlook old [more]

Image via Wikipedia China is seeing the rise of online “Gold Farming” This is the practice of hiring a group [more]

How many times have I seen posts titled along these lines in the last few months? Too bloody many! All [more]

As highlighted in this e-Consultancy post, Google is considering letting web-site visitors opt-out of their free Google Analytics application. On [more]

Early adopters of visitor journey management have very successfully applied it in a commercial context where organisations have a defined sales cycle and use the methodology to serve the most appropriate message, content and actions to visitors at given stages of the cycle. There are, however, some exciting ideas of how journey management can be used in less commercially-minded organisations or for internal processes... [more]
Now on it's 3rd major release (v2.4), VITES™ started in 2001 as a simple end-to-end visitor tracking system, built when a client was trying to understand where their online marketing spend was going. The original system was just called End-to-End Tracker and worked by stamping the visitors PC with a unique code and their source when they arrived at the site for the first time, and then spewing this information out whenever the visitor sent information to the client. The results were stunning (for 2001) and showed that 80% of the advertising spend was pretty poor indeed. Not surprisingly our client was over the moon with this new-found transparency and their business exploded when they invested in the right online advertising and had faith in the value of it. It was a real way to measure the actual return on advertising investment.... [more]
We are all different. No two groups of people have the same aims, thinking, attention span, decision process, fears or barriers to interaction. On-the-ball organisations are starting to realise a new approach and methodology is required in order to better manage visitors and to out-think their competitors... [more]
One of the most frequent areas of attention for Internet marketers is the place that a visitor arrives at when they first "touch-down" on a company's web site. You cannot make a first impression twice so it's pretty crucial that you have all your ducks lined up when this exciting, new, visitor arrives on your site. Ah, but not everyone is a first time visitor so we need to start to think about what sort of visitor to the site are they.... [more]