First time, last time, every-time

Measuring how visitors come to your site and convert is a critical part of understanding the factors that drive success. Traditional methods (such as Google Analytics) uses last touch or last visit to measure how a conversion took place but this is only part of the story. It is possible to hack most of the analytics solutions to use another measure such as first touch but, again, this is only part of the story.

Ideally, marketers need to see the whole journey and therefore every visit – we need “multi-touch”. Usefully, our VITES platform records just such activity and gives a rather unique insight into the type of searches and clicks a visitor makes during her journey to conversion and beyond. There are some challenges using anything but last touch but with a bit of education and learning it can very illuminating.

So don’t get stuck looking at the very end of your clients journey and focus on the whole of the journey and discover every route and method to conversion. Contact us to find out more.

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