Look at me

Testing the efficacy of web-forms and landing pages is so ingrained in what we do that frequently we overlook old learnings when new projects along. Recently we were contracted to build a specific landing page/micro-site campaign for a client and the agency usefully provided a number of images (of people) to be included on the landing page. It wasn’t till we were going through final snagging prior to launch that we realised that all the images provided “looked away from the form”. This generated a flurry of digging through old test results as we were all sure the direction of the image made a difference.

It does, between 15 and 25% better conversion was seen when the image of a person on a landing page was looking “towards the form/CTA”. Must always keep up your guard when executing new campaigns to make sure that you don’t re-make the mistakes of the past. Basic items like red buttons, high-up CTA, pre-filling forms and light-weight pages are easier to remember but some of the more obscure one are easy to forget. As a result we’ve re-awakened our 64Monkeys programme which was designed to document and store the results of every test we run. We might even release the information into the public domain if we can get permission from our clients.

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