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There seems to be a perennial debate on the pros and cons of long versus short pages, usually between experts. [more]

Testing small changes can make a huge difference to performance, it’s an approach which rant on about to our clients [more]

For the commercial world outside of consumer e-commerce, focused landing pages are the fastest and easiest ways to improve all conversion points on the site. They are the heavy lifters of this world. Often the Landing pages, being small and light, means they are easy to work with, easy to optimise and easy to improve and as a result a typical company might change these once every month or so. But how can you tell if you are actually improving the landing page? What happens when you've done all the "normal" stuff? What happens when the conversion rate starts to fall again? [more]
One of the most frequent areas of attention for Internet marketers is the place that a visitor arrives at when they first "touch-down" on a company's web site. You cannot make a first impression twice so it's pretty crucial that you have all your ducks lined up when this exciting, new, visitor arrives on your site. Ah, but not everyone is a first time visitor so we need to start to think about what sort of visitor to the site are they.... [more]