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As if the end of the alphabet signified a turning point in evolution, Generation Z is transcending the Darwinian model [more]

Ask any traditional marketer about her potential marketplace and she’ll bark on about demographics, age, gender and various other segmentation [more]

We laugh now but in the mid 90’s, there was this crazy notion that if you put up a web-site, [more]

Due for restricted launch at the end of Summer, VITES 3.0 brings a whole new set of features for market-leading [more]

The "one-size fits all" web is a compromise, a general-purpose attempt to deal with all the potential combinations of types of visitors. By way of example, the benefits of creating creating custom landing pages by simple keyword groups is widely documented as hugely improving online conversion rates. Despite this, even the most savvy organisations don't carry this any further than the first landing page and certainly look to learn from this when the visitor returns to the site. This represents a huge loss in conversion rates... [more]
The art of improvement is simple; make a change and then test it. If it's better then use the latest version as the best and then cycle round again [more]
One of the most frequent areas of attention for Internet marketers is the place that a visitor arrives at when they first "touch-down" on a company's web site. You cannot make a first impression twice so it's pretty crucial that you have all your ducks lined up when this exciting, new, visitor arrives on your site. Ah, but not everyone is a first time visitor so we need to start to think about what sort of visitor to the site are they.... [more]