VITES 3.0 Features & benefits

Due for restricted launch at the end of Summer, VITES 3.0 brings a whole new set of features for market-leading organisations to rip into and turn into huge competitive advantage

Here is a brief outline of what you can expect in the next release of the worlds first, commercially available, personalisation and customer journey platform

  • Faster core platform, requiring less server computing power and faster serving of content
  • In-built AB testing functions, faster, easier testing of content, pages and call-to-actions
  • Server load balancing, giving higher system availability, improved fault tolerance and improved performance
  • Off the shelf CMS support, de-skilling and speeding up changes to content
  • Faster profile management, faster and easier creation of new customer journeys
  • Reporting API, simplifying the export of business-critical data giving easier and faster access to real knowledge
  • New User Group to support discussions, bug-tracking, feature request and cross-learning between clients

Initially released in 2006, VITES was designed to dramatically improve on and off site conversion rates by providing a scaleable platform that offered proper customer journey management (ala Amazon, Ebay etc) combined with a suite of testing tools that allowed accurate testing of new content, CTAs and traffic streams

Since it’s release, every client using the platform has seen at least a doubling of conversion rates and huge reductions in cost per enquiry/sale

The latest release is a ground-up rethink of what our clients and marketplace needed and part of this was a massive simplification in deployment of changes, testing and profiles

All current clients are on a migration plan to complete the porting to the new version by the end of 2010 and all new clients will automatically get the latest version of the platform

License charges remain unchanged, starting at just £500 per month for the basic 10k users per month version

Contact LiamMartin or Nick now to find out more about how VITES 3.0 (Rangoon) can supercharge your web strategy.

VITES remains the only commercially available off the shelf journey profile and testing platform

Contact our licensing team (LiamMartin or Nick) for further information.

System integrators and agencies should contact our CEO (Martin Dower) to discuss how VITES can help your clients