Getting my hands dirty

I have been at Connected for over 16 months. Throughout this time I have heard the term Big.TOE mentioned several times and never understood it. When I first got here I didn’t understand anything, and when I would request explanations on this interestingly named… thing, I would be told it means “Business Intelligence Group Theory of Everything” and nothing else.

As time went by and as I learnt more, and learnt quickly, I received more in-depth answers on Big.TOE but they were still vague; it was never defined to me in the simple terms of ‘Big.TOE is this’. But over time I built a picture of what Big.TOE is or – more to the point – what it is going to be.

Big.TOE is going to be the best use of the data from VITES. Specifically it’ll be a reporting tool.

So, recently, Big.TOE was kicked off by inviting most of the guys for a meeting to discuss the ideas and goals of Big.TOE and to push it into production, I raised my hand to be the ‘project sponsor’, and I was selected. As this is my first project it was suggested that I write a diary… so here we are. The diary will follow in weekly installments.