End of the “one-size fits all” web

Since the web came of age in the early noughties really bright-spark and innovative companies such as Amazon, Google, Ebay and Apple have been breaking away from the “one-size fits all” approach and creating personalised web assets. These early adopters ploughed their own development furrow, investing hundred’s of millions of dollars into bespoke-built personalisation/profile/testing platforms.

We all appreciate the huge benefits in conversion rates that personalised content brings and most organisations also appreciate the long-term value in continual testing and improvement. So what’s stopping every-day companies from joining this revolution is the lack of a simple and commercially-available platform to deliver this nirvana.

End of the flat-web society

Our clever and rather cool personalisation and test platform, VITES™, has been used in beta form by a number of leading online organisations since it’s inception in 2004. For the last year we’ve been busy behind the scenes re-writing the core application and adding a number of client-requested features.

So, coming in Q1 2011 is our latest release of VITES, Version 3.0. Packed with new features, improved client interface, better scalability and much faster performance. All this adds up to a better and easier way to join the exclusive world of a personalised web through personalisation, behavioural management, server-side A/B testing and visitor profiling.

Want to be a candidate for the latest release? Speak to Nick or Martin and we’ll give you the low-down on what you can expect to get and how it can help your business.