A curated web experience

For some years innovative organisations and software houses have been striving to produce a neater, more contextualised web experience only to find their efforts labelled as “invasive” or “privacy breaching”. As a result terms such as behavioural targeting and personalized web are now tarnished – forever.

I am fighting back. From now on I am adopting a new phrase, A CURATED WEB EXPERIENCE. Conjuring up images of musty old men and women in polyester who are ever so helpful and not at all threatening. Probably grey-haired.

A curator will control the torrent of information wooshing out from the Internet fire hose (1999 but even more relevant today). They guide you through the information overload, point out what’s salient, possess bibical-strength knowledge on the subject giving site visitors the shortcuts that they need and the information they seek. Simples.

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