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Why You Need to Pay Attention to Vertical Video

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Introduced in the late 1920s, the first TV set was a heavy square box with a screen not much bigger [more]

What Causes The Desire to Keep on Reading?

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You know the feeling: one minute you’re on the bus casually scrolling Twitter, and the next you’re engrossed in an [more]

Trust, or the lack thereof it, makes and breaks more deals and relationships than anything else. If it could be [more]

Can you imagine if people spoke to you in real life in the same manner and style they write web [more]

Just like the Slow Food Movement which emerged in response to the fast food industry and highly-processed convenience products, Slow [more]

Publishing content on the web can often seem a futile game. You can spend hours crafting long-form, information-rich blog posts [more]

Name five of the world’s biggest brands and I’ll tell you something they all have in common: they’re media powerhouses. [more]

From films and games to books and plays, people can’t get enough of stories. But as a trip to your [more]

The way we consume stories is radically changing. Today we’re less inclined to spend weeks or months engaged in epic [more]

They say that the best marketers narrow the gap between them and their audience so there’s as little space between [more]

How do I break through all the noise? What’s the latest strategy, method, tool or trick that will make my [more]

Up until this year, pretty much all Google had to say about writing high-quality content was what not to do. [more]