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Roger McNamee is a pretty interesting character in the digital world and a rare sight in a world filled with [more]

Image via CrunchBase Problems setting up an iTunes account for Apple TV Home sharing Your credit card was declined. Please [more]

This is the time of year that everyone and their dog seems to take out the crystal ball out and [more]

Well, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the new baby. An eleven inch baby Mac Air arrived yesterday [more]

We are starting to see the beginnings of intelligent browsers that are centred around the needs of people and not [more]

In recent years we’ve seen the size of digital displays increase, whether you’re talking about 32″ iMacs or 50″ widescreen [more]

I see today that Apple officially overtook Microsoft in terms of Market Capitalisation. Microsoft may still be twice as profitable [more]

For the most part, Connected are an Apple loving company so there was a lot of excitement among us yesterday [more]

Over the last month we have been set challenge in the Connected office involving the new Apple Ipad. Basically the [more]

I think it probably is. Despite starting my computing life in 1981 on an Apple IIe and having occasional contact [more]