My week with the Ipad

Over the last month we have been set challenge in the Connected office involving the new Apple Ipad. Basically the challenge is to swap our laptops with the Ipad for a week and see if we can still do the majority of our job on the Ipad and maybe bring extra value by using one. Whoever comes out on top wins the Ipad!

Last week was my turn to try it out, currently I am the only non Apple member of the company still using a big, ugly, cumbersome P.C. so I put my name down to see what all the fuss was about. First up the Ipad is a beautiful piece of kit, slim and light weight easy to carry around especially now we have introduced hot desking into the office. As for using the Ipad it took me a couple of days to get used to using the touch screen navigation but the more I used it the more I liked it. I found Basecamp very easy to use on the Ipad apart from 1 flaw I found when trying to drag tasks on projects.

As for personal use I spend alot of my spare time on looking for new music, quickly skimming through lists of new track samples each day. The site on Ipad had a simpler uncluttered layout and could navigate and sample through individual songs easily and quickly so big thumbs up there.

To be honest I’ve been changing my mind about the Ipad all week just because i’m so used to be sat infront of a machine but now my week is up with the Ipad and I have grown to love it the more I used it, I can do my day to day job easily and effectively and found it an overall enjoyable experience.

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