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The Forgotten Art of Non-Doing

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The concept of wú wéi, often translated as “non-doing”, is one of the more recent and trickier to grasp ideas that’s been [more]

Why You’re Doing Leisure All Wrong

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We’re masters of work but are clueless when it comes to leisure. We’re so bad at it we look to [more]

You think it’s just a rough patch and things will get better. That your boss will suddenly realise how much [more]

Over the past few months, work has been tedious and energy-sapping, everyone around me has been seemingly fighting against me, [more]

Before a new medicine is available for public use, it’s tested to make sure it’s safe through a three-stage clinical trial [more]

Mindfulness has taken a bit of bashing recently. New studies are reporting its dubious effects and the media is having [more]

Over the last few years here at Connected we’ve gone through a change in process and attitude to all things [more]