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This month we discussed everything from Ad Blocking and embracing emptiness in WordPress design to optimising performance through landing pages [more]

As we approach the ripe old age of 20 (and exactly 7 years since we became a 100% WordPress agency) [more]

From September 1st, Connected are throwing their doors open to any creative types What? Yup, we’re opening 1,500 sq ft [more]

Just for a laugh this week, we’ve decided to have a ‘beard week’, so no shaving from last Friday to [more]

Whenever I am working on a project or planning a meeting I set myself objectives. Setting objectives is important to [more]

Smart people, thinking-caps on, and the best tools. But, as they say, “Don’t watch the tool, watch the hand that wields it.” [more]
Tell me what you think! ( [more]

What do we do?

Since 1997 Connected have championed the clear commercial benefit of balancing the needs of function and form in the online world. The key driver is to improve the commercial success of a client's web strategy and help create lean and profitable web strategies that are reliable, sustainable and market-leading. This is an uncommon approach in a world of "me too" agencies and plagiarism-driven organisations. The end result shows dramatically improved online commercial success and real leadership in our clients markets. [more]
Connected are not a web-design company and therefore keen to avoid the the generic "web design" tag that is too frequently and loosely applied to companies in this field. Connected focus on the engine of sales and marketing and therefore engineer fits in better with our business. [more]