My first year @ Connected

2009 flew by! That was my first year with Connected and it’s been quite a ride. I have been revolutionised, both technically and ideologically.
I came from IT consultancy in the logistics and shipping industries, where internet is a medium of communication – and so is telex and fax.
Fast-forward to a world I had only glimpsed – one in which Connected is forging the future in the white heat of new technology, mapping out new social norms, charting new trends.

There has long been a dynamic tension in ICT between getting a job done, in a commercial context, and getting a job right, from a technician’s viewpoint: the outcome is compromise.
Now, for the first time in 25 years, I’m in a team where quality matters so much and the ambition is so great that the business response is to produce the best in the field. Smart people, thinking-caps on, and the best tools. But, as they say, “Don’t watch the tool, watch the hand that wields it.”

I’ve built and maintain a secure network and the development environment for a talented team to roll out consistently good stuff.
It’s so refreshing where everyone is striving for the top. It’s exciting to question conventional wisdom. It’s challenging, too, to have my entire skill-set audited, updated, improved. But it really is the only way to travel!