Bar code tagging for a social generation

Here at Connected we find the time to play with all sorts of weird and wonderful new stuff. Much of it has questionable value and some of it is plain odd. Some things we come across make us wonder if there is a decent application and Stickybits falls into that category. It’s an odd barcode scanner that allows you to attach information to a barcode. You’ll need to download the app for your iPhone or Android phone but once there you can capture and read away. It’s a neat idea but we can’t, for the life of us, work out how it might be of use – be secretly wish that there might be a good use. Ideas anyone?

Stickybits brings the physical and digital worlds together with barcode stickers which trigger audio, video, photo, and text messages when scanned. The product is a mobile app for the iPhone and Android phones which lets users scan barcodes, attach messages, and keep track of the stickybits left by their friends. Will it catch on?