Digital engineers

1011228_Digi EngineersWhy engineers?

Connected are not a web-design company and therefore keen to avoid the the generic “web design” tag that is too frequently and loosely applied to companies in this field. Connected focus on the engine of sales and marketing and therefore engineer fits in better with our business.

What is digital engineering?

This covers 2 mains areas; functional design and continuous implementation.

Functional design

The creation of mechanical design (a blueprint, or prototype if you will) using the extensive learned skills and experience Connected have. This forms the starting point of the new site and strategy. The new design is designed to meet the current and projected business needs of the organisation with a view to being scalable and flexible across an extended life.

Most of the components come from the tried and tested bucket, the uniqueness for each organisation is how they are glued together. Using tried and tested greatly simplifies the design/build process and largely removes any associated risk of failure.

Continuous implementation

Converting the outline mechanical design into a working web-site using a third-party design company to provide the “look and feel” elements inside the functional constraints of the design plus a healthy dose of good practice. Once live the work doesn’t stop there – the site goes through a constant cycle of improve/test and test again.

This Kaizen cycle of small and continuous improvements is what defines our approach. The true leaders in all fields of information, technology and manufacturing have had a policy of continuing to strive to improve. Put simply, it is not possible to create great solutions and then leave them on the shelf, they need re-working, and re-working, and re-working.