Corporate responsibility

8657582_Corp RespConnected are one of the world’s leading providers of web-personalisation platforms and as an employer and significant business partner we are committed to taking our corporate responsibilities very seriously indeed.

We define our corporate social responsibility as:


We actively measure the scale of impact our operation has on the environment and
are committed to exploring ways of reducing the impact of everthing we do. We have a policy to drive towards carbon neutrality through a planned CO2 reduction and carbon-offset credits with further initiatives to improve our environmental footprint by the reduction in waste and energy usage.

Marketplace Leadership

We run our business in a way that marks us out as a world-class provider of services and a preferred partner to do business with. Our aim is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


At Connected, we are committed to offering our staff and partners a rewarding and challenging workplace. We want to become the best company to work for and strive to provide facilities, programmes and support to reach that goal.


We work hard to be good corporate citizens, we work to support the sustainability of both global and the local communities in which we operate and actively encourage our employees, staff and suppliers to consider the needs of others and involve them selves in public service.

The highest standards of Corporate Governance and Health & Safety, underpin everything we do.