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As we approach the ripe old age of 20 (and exactly 7 years since we became a 100% WordPress agency) [more]

Social media is part of who we are, and we’re all over it! Like the majority of digital savvy businesses, [more]

The growth of WordPress. Yesterday, WordPress 4.3 went on public release. That brings to 8 the number of public release [more]

Workplace of the future. The end of the traditional desk and office-space has been trumpeted by the fortunate few for [more]

Connected has been a dedicated WordPress agency since 2008. Since then we have been providing our clients with high-spec WordPress [more]

Being a digital agency. For those born before 1990, it may seem like a fantasy world in which you can [more]

This month, as usual, our Twitter feed has been alight with all things WordPress and digital marketing in general. Here’s [more]

Connected – A Dedicated WordPress Agency Since 2008 Connected was established in 1996. In 2008 it was becoming clear that [more]

Connected – WordPress Agency Reviews Connected is a dedicated WordPress Agency, established in 1996 by Martin Dower. We provide high-grade [more]

The art of UX. It’s not often that we Brits can be truly proud of our government – but the [more]

Thinking Ahead Staring into the crystal ball and working out what’s coming down the track is fraught with risks, but [more]

…but were afraid to ask. As the entire world seems to be ‘Going WordPress’ a lot of marketers are just [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 237 tickets. 12.9hrs response time. 442 support interactions and 100% client satisfaction. It might sound a little [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. “The times are a changing”, wrote Bob Dylan over 50 years ago. And the way businesses support [more]

Being Connected – from a Digital Agency point of view. by Martin Dower. Sharing and Openness is changing everything. Digital [more]

WordPress the Platform The latest version of WordPress is now out – Called Powell in honour of Bud Powell the [more]

Being a WordPress Agency. We’re a WordPress-only agency and on the hunt for an excellent Freelance Copywriter. We pay a [more]

Digital Nomad by Martin Dower. Will we all quit the wasteful commute, and work in our local Starbucks? I was [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. 10/10 is the simplest way to describe WordPress support in March. A little over 2 years ago [more]

Peerless WordPress Support. The numbers say it all: 100% client satisfaction, 269 WordPress support tickets, 4hrs first response. This is [more]