Connected – A Dedicated WordPress Agency Since 2008

Connected – A Dedicated WordPress Agency Since 2008

Connected was established in 1996.

In 2008 it was becoming clear that the days of hand-built websites were numbered. The traditional web development approach was time consuming, cumbersome and difficult manage.

That’s when we decided to switch to become a dedicated WordPress Agency.

WordPress was launched in 2003. Built as a blogging platform, this humble open source software has gone on to revolutionise the way websites are designed, built and managed – now powering over 60 million websites.

WordPress uses themes and plugins which can be combined and customised to build stunning looking, easy to use, mobile-friendly websites which are simple to manage and update.

We’re proud early adopters of WordPress – the UK’s first 100% WordPress Agency in fact!

Here are some of the reasons why we chose it, and why we’re sticking with it:

Responsive design
As mobile internet usage began to take off in 2008, our drive to be at the forefront of mobile-first web design was a major deciding factor in our decision to adopt WordPress. The platform handles responsive design beautifully, and enables us to provide our clients with stunning, modern websites that perform well on all devices.

The use of design themes and plugins in WordPress allows sites to evolve and improve easily, without the need for extensive rebuilds.

Quick to deploy
WordPress allows us to build and deploy websites much more quickly than the old-fashioned hand-built websites.

Easy to manage
The simple user interface in WordPress gives us and our clients much more control over the appearance of the website. Through the content management system, copy, images, videos, menus, blogs and contact forms can all be easily managed and updated as required.

SEO friendly
Search Engine Optimisation is easy to manage using WordPress plugins. Meta tags can be easily updated, redirects can be added and blog posts can be automatically pushed out to social media channels.

Every new site we build for our clients is WordPress, and every one of them is responsive.

To find out more About Connected and the WordPress websites we produce, give us a call now, or find us on all the main social networks.