WordPress 4.2 is here

WordPress the Platform

The latest version of WordPress is now out – Called Powell in honour of Bud Powell the jazz pianist.

It’s a fairly minor update for most, adding a few new features, bolstering some of the sharing functions and adding vastly simpler plugin updates.

You get the impression that WordPress is knocking off all those rough edges at the moment, creating a far slicker and more professional content publishing platform. The latest set of changes bring:

Simpler Plugin Updates

As a WordPress agency, we manage hundreds of different plugins for 40 or so clients and these need updating pretty regularly to avoid security, functional and clashing issues. The latest version of WordPress has made the update procedure a one-click function. Neat.

Easier Sharing

A new and improved ‘Press This’ function. This can be found under “Tools” and you can add a simple bookmarklet to your browser to share content quickly and easily. It’s not new, but much better.

New character sets plus far-east language support

Newly added is Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters plus some musical and mathematical symbols, hieroglyphs and Emojis – Sweet 🙂

Upgrade Plan

We’re updating all client sites and we’re about halfway through the process, expect all sites to be updated, tested and live in the next 2 weeks. Got any queries or questions? Drop us a email support.

About Us

We are one of the UK’s top WordPress agencies, founded in 1996 and provide the full range of digital services for companies who have strong digital ambitions and need an agency to help them deliver.