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Social media is part of who we are, and we’re all over it!

Like the majority of digital savvy businesses, we use our social channels to communicate with our customers – the one’s we’ve done business with, and those who’ve shown an interest by following us. We also use social media to promote our services to new audiences via sponsored posts & tweets. It’s also part of our SEO strategy, as social flags (eg shares, likes & retweets) are becoming more & more important factors affecting organic search engine rankings.

More recently, we’ve introduced the ability for our Peerless WordPress Support customers to raise support tickets for their websites via Twitter.

For most businesses considering whether to embrace social media, the big questions include: Which social networks to use, what to post & when. It’s important to be clear on what your strategy is, and to produce good quality, engaging content on a regular basis.

Sounds easy right? Inertia is often one of the factors preventing businesses for getting involved – what are we gonna write about, who’s gonna produce the content, how are we gonna keep on top of it and manage any issues or negative feedback?

At Connected WordPress Agency, we can help you sift through all the options, help you shape a strategy, and even help you to generate regular posts, manage conversations and help to grow your audience.

To find out more, follow us on any of our social channels, or just give us a call.

Here are some of the social networks we use, along with their membership stats – go forth and follow:


Twitter has over 316 million active users per month, and 80% of those are on mobile devices. On average there are 500 million tweets sent per day.


As of early May 2015, Facebook had over 1.4 billion monthly active users, and 1.25 billion of them are mobile. 936 million people use Facebook every day.


Linkedin has over 364 million registered users and 187 million unique monthly users.


Flickr now has over 92 million users in 63 countries. It has had over 10 billion photos shared to date.


There are more than 2.2 billion Google+ profiles, and around 300 million of these are active each month.


Pinterest has over 70 million user, 85% of whom are female.