WordPress Support Report : April 2015

Peerless WordPress Support.

10/10 is the simplest way to describe WordPress support in March.

A little over 2 years ago we started publishing our support stats, it was pretty brave at the time and I’m pretty sure we were the first digital agency to do so.

It’s now become fairly commonplace, and most good WordPress Agencies are open with their support statistics as it’s a great way for clients (and potential clients) to see the pedigree of agency. We’ve been providing support in the digital space for over 18 years, and over that time we’ve honed the level of service we offer to meet the real needs of our clients.

WordPress Support Performance Graph Here you can see the spread of our response times for April showing that every support ticket was responded to within 24hrs, 7-days a week.

We set a very high bar for ourselves, and ensure we have the right level of resourcing at all times to provide, what is independently audited as a world-class support service.

I’m proud of our support team and how they provide a unique, boutique level of WordPress Support. We know we’re not the cheapest in the market, far from it, but the quality shines through in the level of client satisfaction we provide.

So, well done Jimmy, Matthew and Tom. The beers are on me!

To back-up our numbers with meaning we participate in Zendesk’s Benchmark Programme – which independently monitors and reports on comparative performance in various sectors, including ours. This directly measures our performance with that of our competition and I’m pretty pleased to say that we come out on top, comfortably (more later).

Our support service (and hence measurement) is based on 3 core criteria:

For every WordPress support ticket filed onto our system is independently contacted via Zendesk and a satisfaction rating is sought. This allows clients to provide objective feedback on how well we’re done at the click of a mouse or the prod of a finger.

Higher is better, and I’m pleased as punch to say that we’ve achieved an incredible 100% satisfaction for 10 months running. The industry average is very high (95%) but we pride ourselves on going the extra mile in EVERYTHING we do and not just the simple stuff.

Most clients are on a Peerless WordPress Support contract, this has an associated service level agreement that says we will respond to every new ticket inside 24hrs. This is a little quicker than many of the other agencies, but this is our baseline.

We regard this as a worst case scenario and not a minimum level of standard that we try to reach. As a consequence, in April, our average first-touch response was 3 hours and 12 minutes – compared the industry average of 17 hours. In comparison we’re better than 95% of digital agencies.

This is a measure of the quantity of work we do, measured by the number of tickets solved in a given month. The average number of tickets across the industry is 94. By comparison, so far this year we’ve cleared 900 tickets, or just over 200 WordPress-related tickets per month.

We’ve cleared twice the number of tickets, in an average of less than 4hrs with 100% client satisfaction