Peerless WordPress support – 5 reasons to choose Connected

Connected has been a dedicated WordPress agency since 2008.

Since then we have been providing our clients with high-spec WordPress website platforms and top-notch support services.

In April 2015, we became the first WordPress-dedicated agency in the UK to provide Peerless WordPress support as a standalone service to non-clients, as well as our existing clients.

Anyone who has a WordPress website can now use Connected to support their existing website from just a couple of hundred pounds per month, regardless of whether we built it for them or not.

So, if you’re thinking of parting company with your existing digital agency or you just don’t have the internal resource or expertise to keep your website up to date, a Peerless WordPress support package from Connected could be the answer.

Here are 5 reasons to Connected to support your WordPress website:

1. We deal with 2,500 WordPress support tickets a year, and our independently audited results show a 99% client satisfaction rate. We’re open and transparent about our performance, and regularly publish our audited results and benchmarked stats.

2. In July 2015, our average turnaround time for actioning support requests was 6 hours – compared to the industry benchmark of 18.1 hours. According to Zendesk figures, our average response times are better than 85.6% of other agencies.

3. You take control. You get a dedicated portal to see all your tickets, track progress and identify common issues & fixes.

4. We’re in the cloud and provide 24-7 support. You can contact us and raise a support ticket anytime, via the phone, Twitter, email or the dedicated portal

5. Contracts start at just £190 per month. Just get in touch and we’ll give your website the once over to check it’s secure and working well. If there are any issues that need fixing, we can provide you with time & cost quotes. We’ll then explain the support options and once you’ve selected the package that best fits your requirements, off we go!

This is simple, first class support you can rely on – exactly what you’d expect from the UKs first & best dedicated WordPress Agency.

To find out more, get in touch now.