WordPress Support Report : March 2015

Peerless WordPress Support.

The numbers say it all: 100% client satisfaction, 269 WordPress support tickets, 4hrs first response.

This is the power of transparency, and there is nowhere to hide, no creative marketing that can detract from independently audited support numbers.

Our WordPress support numbers forMarch 2015

When we started publishing our support numbers in 2013, we did so because we had good anecdotal feedback that we were attentive, speedy & focussed on fixing client problems – but we didn’t know our actual numbers, or how they compared to the rest of our industry.

Now we do. We have the highest client satisfaction rate in Europe and we respond, on average, 3 times quicker than the industry median.

It wasn’t always this way. If we roll the clocks back 2 years our average response time was nearer to 30hrs and client satisfaction was less than perfect.

Reporting honestly on the numbers back then encouraged us to raise our game. It became the support yardstick by which we strived to improve.

We’ve understood the critical link between client service and long-term mutual profitability for nearly 2 decades – and that’s the reason its so important to us, and our clients.

We’re not perfect, though. We might have maintained a 100% client satisfaction rate for 9 months straight, but we have made mistakes, dropped balls, downed servers, killed content, overwritten client content and a whole plethora of other cock-ups.

When we make a mistake, we move heaven and earth to fix it – and take the responsibility for both the error and the fix. People appreciate honesty, so thats what we try to be.