Giving 20%

The world of the internet moves pretty quickly. New ideas and ways of approaching problems on the web are cropping up all the time. We keep a close eye on the things that go on in the world of the web, learn new processes and techniques which can help our client sites work better.

We all occasionally have flashes of inspiration and think of a way to improve our working practices or the way a site works but with all that goes on in the online world and our own weekly schedules, we sometimes don’t have the time to properly plan out and develop ideas into something substantial.

To combat this, we have started a little internal project called “20%” or the “20% project”. The basic idea is we devote 20% of our week to work on a project which will help us keep up with the times, develop new ideas and applications or even just doing some research on new trends or technologies which could help us in the future.

With our first project kicking off today, we plan to wrap up the project in a few weeks time with some achievable goals which will greatly improve the experience for our client websites and set a new internal best practice to build on in the future.