38% improvement in conversion rate

We’ve recently completed a project in the Healthcare sector yielding a 38% improvement in on-site conversion rate whilst battling a 15% drop in overall traffic. Like many marketing departments, they had a view of what would and what wouldn’t work and for some time now had been following a very traditional but blinkered approach to marketing.

So in many ways it’s been a rear-guard action as we’ve had to fight against the client’s, co-supplier’s and consultant’s wishes to drive home the philosophy of continual testing and letting the masses decide which page, landing zone, micro-site, call-to-action and design is better.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a hard slog and at a number of points we were on the point of giving up but after 2 months showing the results of real numbers and metrics they’re sold and quite rightly they should after seeing a dramatic upswing in conversion rate.

We’re in the final throes of putting together a case study on this client and I hope it will be ready sometime in April so if you want to reserve a PDF version of the case study now then drop me an email and I’ll make sure you get one of the first batch.

This will be the first time we’ve openly shared so much information about how we work and we’ll be showing actual test results with annotated screenshots. The case study is part of our 64Monkeys projects that was kicked-off in 2007 as an internal knowledge base holding the planning and results behind every test we’ve carried out (around 4,500 so far). We’re planning an alpha roll-out of 64Monkeys later this year to openly share and collaborate with our clients and encourage a great deal of cross-fertilisation.