Last Pass Enterprise 4.0 is coming

Distribution Notice.

LastPass Enterprise has been our go-to security solution in conjunction with MFA using Google Authenticator. And now there is a new version coming.

What’s changing in 4.0?

LastPass 4.0 FAQs
LastPass 4.0 features a new look and feel, with a redesign of the LastPass vault, the browser extension menus, and the web vault at The new design includes large icons, simpler navigation, and bolder colors for easier password management. There are now a Grid and List view available in the vault, so you can choose how you want to see your stored items. Plus, LastPass 4.0 introduces the Sharing Center, one central location where you can manage shared passwords, including Shared Folders.

LastPass is incrementally updating all users to 4.0, across all browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you do not see the prompt to autoupdate in your browser, just visit the downloads page at h ttps:// to download the latest version for your browser(s).

Can I switch back to 3.0? Not really – the service supports running the old interface but we’re moving to 4.0 this week. If you’re desperate, there is an option in the vault to toggle back to 3.0. Just open your LastPass Vault, click the profile menu at the top right of the vault, and select the option to toggle to 3.0.

The updated vault offers two ways for you to view saved items ­ Grid or List. You can toggle between these by clicking the icons at the top right of the vault page. Grid features large icon tiles for easily spotting a stored item. List view features a condensed list of items with smaller icons. Both views allow you to edit, share, add, move, and delete items, so you can choose the view you prefer.

We now manage Shared Folders in the new Sharing Center. Launch the LastPass Vault, open the left­hand navigation menu, and click to open the Sharing Center. Under the “Shared Folders” tab you can review and manage existing Shared Folders, or add and assign new ones.

Why is Emergency Access not available in my vault? We will not see the Emergency Access center in their vault. However, you can create a personal LastPass account for personal logins and passwords, and enable Emergency Access there for friends or family to have access to your vault in case of an unexpected emergency.