May Support Review

Wow, things have sure got busy at Connected; 3 new clients and 3 existing clients going through major re-builds makes for a busy month on top of our normal support load. As a result response times have slipped a little from our average YTD of 15hrs to nearly 22hrs, just outside our target response time of 20hrs.

We’ve had a re-think of how support operates as it appears to be just a few individual support issues that have dragged down the response time as 60% of support requests are dealt with inside 8 hours. This re-think means more resource and re-worked response process for the team to use; we’ve also thrown more bodies at support and that has seen to number of agent touch climb to 350 during May.

“We must try harder” – and we will. Our target is still to respond to 85% of support tickets in less than 8hrs. Go support as we continue to keep our 100% client satisfaction rating, not a blip in sight (but I’m sure that will come in due course)

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.24.15