Mobile advertising revenue to overtake newspaper this year

The mobile advertising space has existed for barely more than 3 years. The first newspaper advert was placed over 300 years ago.

An announcement seeking a buyer for a Long Island, estate, is published in the Boston News-Letter in 1703. This officially marks the beginning of news ads and the first Ad Agencies appear in the mid 1850s. The high-water mark for Newspapers actually occurred in the 1920s and has been declining ever since.

By contrast, mobile advertising (via SMS) only appeared in the late 1990’s. It didn’t really take hold until Apple released iAd in 2010. Facebook sealed the fate of mobile advertising by launching mobile ads in 2012.

In real terms, it has taken mobile just 4 years to overhaul 300 years of Newspaper advertising.

Mobile ad spend is expected to hit £2.3bn in 2014 – newspaper advertising is expected to fall to £2.1bn. What will it look like in another 3 years? Digital spend is expected to climb to £9bn and cover the majority of the market by 2017 at 53.8 per cent of the total share.

Conversely, TV advertising spend is expected to increase from £3.6bn to £3.7bn this year, although its market share is predicted to fall a point to 25 per cent. By 2017, TV ad spend is projected to increase to £3.8bn but see its market share fall further by another couple of points.

It’s very much a digital world and that world is becoming more and more dominated by mobile devices. Are you mobile yet?