Mobile moments : a new paradigm

Mobile first

Mobile is not about screen size, or thumb-friendly navigation – it’s altogether new way to interact with digital services. It’s a mind shift.

If you wanted to “do stuff online” in 2004 (10 years ago) you would have used a browser, on a desktop computer and probably at home between 6pm and 8pm. Your computer will have been a desktop, with a big screen and it will have frequently sat in a spare room.

You couldn’t use a browser at work as you weren’t permitted, there were no smartphones and tablets were still over 5 years away from being invented.

Oh, how that’s changed. If you need to do something, you pull out your iPhone (or Android device) and start swiping away. Today you can:

  • Read your email, respond, delegate, prioritise and delete.
  • Order, pay and organise delivery of all your shopping.
  • Stay in touch with all your friends on Facebook.
  • Book a table at a restaurant, book your Zumba class or a train. Or add items to your calendar.
  • Check the weather – god, how British does that sound?

  • Navigate by car, find a free car parking space, get walking directions.
  • Communicate with all your work’s cloud-based services.
  • Take photos, back them up, share and edit them directly.
  • Stream unlimited music, access video, watch Netflix, Sky and BT Sport, catch-up on TV.
  • Monitor your health, record your diet and exercise.

Plus, you can browse the Internet, chat on Skype, use free messaging apps. The fact we still use smartphone to make calls is actually secondary. The smartphone is now used more frequently and for a wider range of services and task than any other device in the history of man.

It’s all about mobile moments

Mobile momentsIf your are a business, and expect to tap into these mobile moments, then you must have a mobile-optimised presence. And that’s not just screen size – the content, the flow and digital services must match the needs of these mobile moments.

The next billion people to go online will do so using mobile devices.

Mobile has changed the way we behave and for your company to succeed in this space you must sit at the intersection of these moments and mobile delivery. This point is the battlefield for consumers attention.

If your digital strategy, and how you deliver information or services over the Internet hasn’t changed hugely in the last 10 years then you’re probably running behind your customers.

And if you digital agency hasn’t been barking at you since the turn of the decade about mobile then it’s time to change your agency, pronto.

The approach to meet this challenge is a cycle of finding points, building digital services and watching the outcome. And then rinse and repeat.

Identify – Design – Build – Monitor

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