Move to HTTPS now: Do not delay, do not get left behind

Privacy and Security.

The privacy backlash might have been coming for years, but very few organisations are really ready.

In a remarkable parallel of the mobile explosion in 2012, the growing privacy drive is looking like it will catch out thousands of organisations in the UK.

You probably recognise the little green padlock next to the web address. You’ll see it in front of our web address in the bar above. It may seem insignificant but it represents one on the next big battlegrounds on the web.

If you are serious about the web then you must be SSL/TLS/HTTPS. No exceptions. Ever.

We’ve been publicly advocating going “secure” for nearly 5 years and even predicted it as one of the big things for 2015. If you haven’t already, speak to your development or digital agency and start planning now.

Not only is there the moral/ethical issue of keeping your customers data secure, but there are tangible SEO and even User Journey benefits. Browsers are starting to show insecure sites with small warnings – this warning will only get bigger. Longer term, browsers will by default block access to insecure sites.

We started delivering digital services over SSL way back in 2008, primarily for security and privacy reasons. This was accelerated in 2012 to encompass ALL digital services we use, deliver and touch. Completed over a year ago, now all our digital services are now delivered over secure protocols. No exceptions.

We were the first UK mainstream WordPress Agency to start implementing HTTPS and the first agency in Europe to deliver all digital services over the now industry standard 256-bit AES encryption layer.

If you run a WordPress site, it’s pretty straightforward, and you can contact us to help you. If not, then speak to your existing digital agency and ask them to help. If they are not secure themselves, or shrug off your request then it’s time to find a more switched-on agency.

Time to get your skates on and move to HTTPS.