No more cheques

Say farewell to the humble paper cheque, in reality it’s pretty much died all by itself but, officially, from January 1st 2019 we will no longer issue or accept paper cheques of any kind.

Accounts Payable

We settle UK standard terms invoices in 7 (seven) days from receipt via electronic payment from our master bank account. We settle US dollar, Canadian dollar, and Euro payments via our Forex clearer, Revolut within 10 days. Other currencies and non-standard invoices will be paid via AMEX or standard bank transfer, usually within 14 days depending on the currency and clearance process.

Accounts Receivable

Payment for services must be made electronically into our bank using the details below:

Account name: CONNECTED
Account number: 06723233 Sort Code 090150

No other payment type is acceptable, any paper cheques will be returned to the sender marked “Payment Not Accepted”.

Why now?

Our accounting systems automatically clear, allocate, and reconcile electronic payments completely automatically, with no manual intervention whatsoever. This makes our finance department ultra-efficient and we’re always looking for ways to improve – removing the fairly horrible manual process to receive, process, send, clear, allocate and reconcile is no longer relevant in the digital economy.

Further, when we went carbon-neutral in 2008, one of primary areas targeted was the use of paper and the processing and storage of paperwork. We have eliminated paper throughout our business, except cheques and cheque books, so they are next to go.