Not being responsive costs 5%

Responsive / Mobile.

90% of UK SMEs still don’t have a responsive web site. Costing, on average, £25k per annum.

According to a survey back in February, smaller companies were ignoring the opportunities of going mobile.

Despite the no-brainer win for businesses, the average cost of £25k to go responsive is still seen as being too high. But it doesn’t need to be that expensive, using WordPress as the web platform is the simplest, cheapest and best option for all but the most unusual of companies. A typical SME can expect to shell out less than £10k to go responsive using WordPress, even less if they have basic web skills in-house.

WordPress has been driving down the cost of web-platforms over the last few years to such an extent that smaller companies can again compete with the big-boys who are, in many cases, stuck with proprietary, expensive and inflexible web platforms.

So 2014 should be the year of the SME Responsive web – but it’s not. A lack of good digital knowledge in the agencies and smaller companies mean they are really missing out. The whole internet experience is shifting faster than most agencies can cope with, and the arrival of platforms such as WordPress is starting to polarise the agency space into those that do and those that are worried about it.

The rise of the WordPress-only agency is helping to move the whole digital industry along at a quicker pace, and the corresponding increase in demand from clients for WordPress-based solutions has generated a lot of heat in the digital space.

The meteoric rise of WordPress has timely coincided with the explosion in mobile use and the baked-in nature of mobile and responsive has undoubtedly played a major part in this explosion. In fact, if you are an SME and you want to go responsive then you’d be very brave not to use WordPress.

In 2013, one in five new websites built were on the WordPress platform. In 2014 it is expected for this figure to rise to one in four and by 2016 over 30% of all new digital services will be based on WordPress. Need a hand? Talk to us.