Online Booking Application news : is our self-contained, high-performance Online Booking application that is cloud-hosted and offers a best-in-class experience with KISS at it’s heart. With lots of new clients coming along for the ride it’s developed quite a following. From financial services to healthcare to the auto industry, is proving to be highly adaptable and popular.

As a result there is lots of activity on the web site so I thought I’d pick out a few interesting posts and drop them in here:

A nice short piece on social reputations covered Kred, Klout and social gaming which seems to be the flavour of the month. My current Klout rating is 47 which I think is ok but I’m not really sure. It also seems to ignore any Google Plus activity but as I suspect my life will be no more full I’m not going to sweat it. I’m also really confused as to why they think I’m influential on Coffee – I don’t drink the infernal stuff!

We all know the importance of mobile and it’s growing influence over what and when we connect. Two nice posts recently, the first about the mindset that says we must think mobile-first. I was really quite taken aback at a recent meeting with Experian when I was told that over 1/3rd of campaign email is opened on mobile devices. It really does feel like it could be the end of the conventional desktop/PC. The second post was a brief look at the statistics of mobile computing which, whilst a little dry really underlines the writing on the wall.

We’ve got some product news, a little look into our special sauce that uses human psychology factors to decide which appointments should be shown. We also launched our notification platform built specifically to support cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Yammer. It’s got some really funky uses, especially if combined with IFTT.

Just as we are killing off internal email and replacing it with these cloud-based services what we see is that convention email campaigns may have a longer life than predicted (yes, I did predict the death of email some years back … I’m sorry, it’s not died but its definitely changed shape). It’s now even more important that you can engage with recipients so a couple of posts, one on email headlines and some good hints and tips to Avoid the Unsubscribe Trap pretty much close off recent posts.

Finally a kick in the moo-moos for QR codes, my current pet hate.

Have a great summer (when it arrives)

Martin Dower, CEO