Online booking due in Summer

We’ve been quietly beavering away since last summer creating an exciting new Online Booking application that simply drops into your existing web-site, a few lines of code and you’re away. Named it’s been out on private alpha since the start of this year but on July 1st this year we’re opening it up as a public beta. Pop over to and sign-up for updates. It will come in a number of flavours and pricing has not yet been set but there will be a freebie version.

Here is the current list of features we expect to be in the public version:

  1. 4 stage booking process
  2. Autoresponder email confirming place/date with details and map link (Google Maps) to location.
  3. Automated SMS sent 1 day prior to appointment with link back to a client-defined page
  4. iCalendar interface for adding bookings, sent via an ordinary email address
  5. Standard choice of 3 themes
  6. High-quality soft-erroring on all stages
  7. Reporting, covering number of people entering/completing each stage
  8. Remember function to recall visitor details for repeat bookings
  9. FAQ /Helper system
  10. EU compliant privacy policy
  11. Custom defined contents/fields/text/images

We’re pretty excited about this new application as it will be the first of a new family of standalone VITES applications that can be installed and used by non-technical staffers. It’s going to be a breeze to install and we’re sure you’ll see myBookingWizard generating the highest quality enquiries and bookings possible. Get signed-up now. Or follow the release on Twitter.