People buy-in to content

Ever visited a company website and discovered nothing but sizzle? Pages of corporate speak and static marketing-speak tell you nothing about the character of the business and, surely, the absence of life and changing content makes you think “hey, you guys just don’t get the web”.

Web sites should educate, entertain, engage and even inspire you. So the next time you visit a static, cold, marketing site ask yourself the question … “do they have anything to share with me? Or are they afraid to give away their learning, experience and knowledge”.

Two lessons then, I guess. The first one, if you are responsible for the web, share, educate and bring your company to life. The second lesson to those visiting websites, focus on the content and judge the company by what and how they talk about what they can do to help you. No-one really cares for technical feature lists, mission statements, marketing gobble-de-gook and staff directories – not any more.