Save our planet

If you’ve not yet used Freecycle, here’s a quick rundown what it is and how easy it is to use and why you should use it.

It’s a completely free, global, web service that pairs members of local groups who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them. Apart from being a rather a nice thing to do, it keeps usable items out of landfill sites.

Simply visit, find and join your nearest group. Either post an OFFER of an item that you no longer need or a WANTED message for something you are seeking. The giver decides who will receive the item and the recipient collects it.

You do not need to have given something to take something, the ethos is simply to prevent waste.

The UK now has 494 local groups with more than 1.7 million members, this Freecycle evangelist and regular user being one of them. Why not be another?