September Support Review

Client Services is one of the four key cornerstones of our business (the others being Innovation, Deployment and Communication). We live and die on our reputation of providing first-class client solutions and key to delivering this is a can-do attitude to fixing problems and providing first-class solutions.

Since January this year we’ve dealt with nearly 1,000 client support issues and, uniquely, maintained a 100% satisfaction rating (our industry runs at around 85%). The outcome of this attention to our clients’ needs is reflected not just in support, but across the business – we’re growing, dramatically, by winning new clients and retaining existing ones.

2013 has been an exciting year and we’re already turning our gaze to 2014 with plans to expand further into the USA and Europe on the back of our fledging success in these markets. Shifting client support to manage different timezones has been a challenge, one ably met by the dedicated team of client services. Thanks.

Back to September; it’s getting busier!

  • Average response time is 4hrs 6 mins, well under our 15hr target
  • 75% of tickets responded within 1hr
  • 155 tickets solved (up a third from August)
  • Almost 700 agent “touches” during the month

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