Size really does matter

Being a small WordPress Agency.

Everyone seems to want to be big. I can’t see the point.

In the digital agency world, there are no economies of scales, only inefficiencies caused by bloat. And the disappointment associated with poor and overstretched customer services.

As a client, would you rather be one of a handful of projects – or would you rather be one of 100? We’re voluntarily capped at 3 active projects and 50 clients. That means we can comfortably provide 100% client satisfaction – all of the time. We can carefully choose the projects we work on, and clients carefully choose us.

In most agencies, account executives outnumber the copywriters two to one. If you were a dairy farmer, would you employ twice as many milkers as you had cows?
David Ogilvy

It limits our turnover, but also allows us to control costs better so we are able to yield great margin without over-charging clients. And we don’t need to borrow any money as we’re able to retain a lot of the profit we make.

Ok, I concede if you’re a digital agency owner with a penchant for Ferraris or offshore power boating then you’ll need hundreds of customers and throngs of staffers all working 50hr weeks for you to live your dream. This is not for us.

We’re small, and we like that way. By not having sacrifice quality and service on the altar of growth and size we can focus on delivering digital services quickly and provide a truly world-class service.

It makes us quite unusual in the digital agency space – most strive to be big, with legions of clients, resourcing headaches and reams of administration layers and process. By choosing to be boutique-sized is, to some, seen as a weakness but this is exactly what we choose to be. We value quality of life for staffers and client’s alike and by staying small allows us to dedicate the the right amount of effort and resource to every client alike.

If you want a big agency then there are plenty about. If you want a small agency that cares about people and what we do then maybe you’ve found a partner in us.