Social networks and the explosion of loneliness (VIDEO)

I came across this video, by Shimi Cohen. Loosely based on an article “The Invention of loneliness“, it explores the concept of connections over conversations that pervades the current social media world. The paradox is thus; the more connections we have, the less connected we become.

The idea that teenagers collect people and shun interaction has far-reaching meaning for all of us who work in and around digital marketing. Conventional social engineering tells us that most group sizes cannot exceed 150 people, yet social networking commonly sees groups in thousands, or tens of thousands. When groups get to that size they cannot function with any kind of intimacy, and cease to have any useful (group) function.

In the medium term, companies can target social groups knowing the number of their connections is purely quantative, and that these groups use a form of self-actualisation that includes validation, consumerism, and false-image. Pandering to these whims is the new keeping up with the Jones’ and is illustrated by the success of 1-1 social conversations driven by brands as they seek to become the consumer’s friend, all in the name of profit.

Worth 5 minutes of your life, IMHO.

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.