Stop paying for anti-virus software.

Amongst the many operating systems I use for work and pleasure, I still have 3 windows boxes that need constant anti-virus nursing.
On these boxes, I have run most of the common anti-virus applications over the years, commercial and free ware. I have endured problems with them all.

Repeatedly failing subscription renewals that require resolution from far-afield call centres are frustrating and time-consuming, but by far the most annoying are anti-virus programs that recognise a problem and then fail to resolve it. There cannot be anything less productive that trying to fix a pc with a virus.

It has been a long time coming, but the obvious source for a Microsoft OS anti-virus program really has to be Microsoft. Stop shaking your heads. I am not a lover of the Redmond product, far from it. From a Mac beggining in the 80’s I am once more a Mac Man. I digress…

After many browser-based virus infections that both McAfee and AVG recognised, but failed to remove, I discovered Microsoft Security Essentials –  Completely free.  Every virus it has discovered, it has removed immediately and unlike other anti-virus products, it does not appear to slow the system down at all.

Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!