VITES 3.0 : Alpha release overview


VITES 3.0 was alpha released on the 1st of October 2010, it’s a ground-up re-think of the critically acclaimed and highly successful VITES 2.x web platform. VITES 3.0 brings together all the key requirements for a high-performance web strategy under a single, flexible and very powerful platform.

This is the third major release of our personalised web platform and is a major step forward in functionality, performance, interoperability, speed of development and simplicity. No longer do you need highly-skilled development teams to realise the benefits of a personalised web site; VITES 3.0 utilises a template-driven environment to speed up and simplify deployment, allowing marketers to get on with what they are good at.

Priced on a supported-license basis from £500 a month, VITES offers a highly affordable way to provide Amazon-type personalised content delivery and testing.

Centralised visitor database

The key element in managing a visitors flow through the site and the sales process is the central store. This database records every action, every source and every (useful) piece of information that can be gleaned from the visitor across the whole of his or her life. Keeping this database in-sync with your back-end CRM system is critical and a number of tried and tested plugin modules ensure the correct and timely replication of the right data across all your platforms.

Building the history of the visitor’s behaviour and actions opens the door to a high level of personalisation that in turn supercharges your conversion rates, decimates your bounces and dramatically increases the value per visitor.

Traffic profiling

All inbound traffic can be assigned a profile to monitor each stream and serve unique content to the visitor. Full reporting is provided and a robust inbound/outbound API system is deployed to ensure data is reliably moved throughout the visitor transaction chain.

Profiles form the cornerstone of how content and actions are deployed on the sites as every profile can have it’s own unique or shared content and actions.

A/B testing

A/B testing is a fantastic baseline product that every site should use. It is the fastest and most accurate way to determine which content and actions work best with visitors. Position, copy, CTA, width, colour or image changes have dramatic effects on conversion rates and VITES can help you test these modifications anywhere on your site. With the VITES A/B testing plugin , you can:

  • Run unlimited tests simultaneously
  • Queue up tests into your own magazine and let VITES “lock and load” the tests automatically
  • Define the traffic splits across the test
  • Configure any number of elements or actions on the page
  • Identify winning content for each test created using a statistically robust report
  • Automatically live the winning test


With the unique segmentation capabilities of VITES, online marketers serve different messages and content to traffic groups based upon attributes such as geographic location, traffic source, referring keyword, visitor history, time of day and much more. Once you’ve created your segments, you can run A/B tests within those segments to prove what works best. Segmentation gives you:

  • Simple set up and management
  • Segments matched to visitor profiles
  • Incorporate useful information, including visitor history, environmental variable, day/week and many other variables
  • Read and write back-end CRM and external data for improved granularity

Behavioural Targeting

Onsite behavioural targeting enables you to customise your web site to create the most welcoming, enticing destination for your visitors by utilising a wide data set and automatically making decisions about what image, text, CTA or content to show at a personal level. VITES technology powers our behavioural targeting solution and provides a strong foundation for continuously improving your conversion rates.

  • Simple testing – lock and load the variations and set the tests running
  • Learn in real time using statistically correct tools as visitor behavior and activity patterns emerge
  • Compare the performance against the banker to accurately verify results

VITES 3.0 is targeted for Beta launch early in 2011 but if you wish to have access to the limited Alpha release then please contact us.