Stuff that will matter in 2013

by Martin Dower

Rather than a tired long debate of trends to watch for in 2013 I thought I’d jot down just the key words around some the big things happening – almost as a tag cloud. Opinions are all mine and many will be wrong but it’s a lot of fun sticking your neck out and second-guessing what will come in the next year.


Huge, mobile-first, pervasive internet, web-apps, second-screening, responsive design, gesture computing, cloud, end of Apple’s domination, geo-location, death of SMS.

Computing Platforms

End of the desktop. Rise of mobile, tablet, hybrid, BYOD, cloud, SaaS, gesture computing, dual/multi-screening, simplification, APIs & security.

Business Intelligence

Big data, always be testing, Chief Information Officer, death of the HiPPO, behavioural targeting, one-to-one marketing, end-of-privacy, transparency, credible, data mining, holistic view.

Social Networks

Adoption by the entreprise, end of privacy, lots of new players, rise of communities, sharing at the heart of social communications, Facebook woes, rise of niche networks, blending, welcome back Yahoo.


Outsourcing, crowd-funding, collaboration, freelancing, micro-consulting, agile, smaller, release early and often – and throw away, trial and error, short-term contracts, flexible working, BYOD.


Personalisation, end of privacy, behavioural profiling, referral and share schemes, email migrating to include other electronic channels, mobile, adding timing into the mix, long-term relationships, trust, transparency, preference centres.

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