Tablets come of age

We might just have seen the biggest change in personal computing since IBM launched the original PC over 30 years ago. The tablet market was effectively created in April 2010 with the launch of the iPad by Apple.

No one really used them and for the first year they weren’t taken seriously as a business tool. However, during 2013 and, significantly, over Xmas the world changed.

Over Xmas, 50% of all online conversions were completed on a tablet

For those companies still not using responsive design the time is truly running out. In less than 4 years, tablet sales have overtaken both PCs and laptops. By comparison, it took 25 years for laptop sales to overhaul the venerable old PC.

Most companies (and web development agencies) have been caught with their pants firmly around their ankles and the race to catch up is on.

Usefully, the fast adoption of responsive frameworks such as WordPress 3.8 makes this job a good deal simpler – and at the same time organisations can flush away old proprietary web applications. Woot!

So, welcome to a simpler and faster, “no code” world where web development is fleet of foot, open source and a good deal cheaper.

If you want to know more about how we can help you move to a responsive, simpler web platform then contact us. It’s faster and easier than you think.

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