Telecommunication migration (aka new phone system)

NEW NUMBER : 020 3468 2150

We are pleased to have completed the migration to our new telephone system, it’s only the second change in 17 years so not too shabby really. The 3 big differences you’ll see are:

  • Change in our main telephone number, to 020 3468 2150
  • Addition of an automated attendant (IVR)
  • Removal of DDI extensions

The change was driven by a number of factors but, primarily, the location-independent nature of our working environment. Additionally, the universal adoption of our support portal over the last year has reduced the number of telephone calls by around 75%, despite a 35% increase in client and support activity.

We further noted that clients usually had the mobile numbers of the folks they needed to contact, or phoned the main number. This meant DDI numbers (expensive to maintain and manage) were redundant. Additionally, the VOIP system we used, whilst top notch when we got it 3 years ago, was restrictive – especially in a mobile-enabled world.

The IVR, or auto attendant, manages all incoming calls and allows clients, suppliers and partners alike direct access on a departmental basis, rather than an individual basis. A neat iPhone app allows team members to easily manage incoming calls, routing and voicemail. We’re living in a 100% mobile age, finally.

Our old number will continue to operate by forwarding to the new IVR service for the foreseeable future.