The Big Christmas and New Year Freeze

WordPress Support Services.

Our support team will freeze non-essential work on midday, Friday 19th December.

This keeps us in step with the major ISPs and network providers and reduces the risk of a serious outage or problem laying unresolved. Most Internet backbone providers will not provide non-essential support over the Xmas and New Year period, most extending from 16th through 2nd.

Normal support services will resume again on Monday the 5th of January. The last day to accept new non-essential work is Wednesday 17th December.

Emergency outage and customer facing service issues will be dealt with as per normal.

You may, and should, continue to request support work via our support portal or email address. We may carry out the work, and will certainly respond as normal, but please don’t expect non-essential work to be completed.

WordPress servers and services will continue to be maintained and monitored throughout the Christmas period.