The concept of a Metaverse

Welcome to the birth of the Metaverse. Or at least it’s conception. The goal of a unified web is not new, but has arguably taken a quite sinister turm.

Our CEO, Martin Dower, recently wrote about it and here is a short extract

Apps are dead, as is desktop computing, and real life has seemingly become a real drag.

Far better to immerse yourself in a world of your own curation, co-existing with the stuff you like, the views you share, and the folks you idolise and identify with.

For all you know, it sounds a lot like a “Black Mirror” or “Dark / Web” vision of the pseudo-real-world … coming to a smartphone near you soon. The idea of Big Tech kidnapping society and taking us all on a drive to a complex-world carved out of dystopian ideals might seem odd, but that is exactly what is happening today.

It’s not enough that Facebook attempts to dominate our social interactions, now they want to dominate our entire existence… Read the full article here.