Top 30 WordPress Plugins [infographic]

It’s been a quite a journey watching WordPress mature over the last few years and we’ve written quite a lot about how we love it, use it and evangelise about it as the best all-round digital platform and it’s role disrupting the old Web 2.0 world. One of the cornerstones of it’s success is it’s open architecture that encourages folks to create things that extend the functionality of the basic platform. This is what we have created with VNX 4.0, building on the shoulders of giants and doing away with proprietary development that usually involves re-inventing the wheel.

The plugin market is huge, with nearly 25,000 plugins available it’s becoming quite a chore just to weed out the good from the crap so here’s an infographic, courtesy of WPTemplate who attempt a level of curation to help newbies to the WordPress world.

Top 30 WordPress plugins

This Infographic is Courtesy of WordPresss Templates and Designed by Infographics